IShowSpeed Discord Server 2023 [Official Link]

IShowSpeed or Darren is a YouTuber and streamer who entertains people online as a career. At only age 18, IShowSpeed has gained a following of over 15 million o his YouTube channel with over 1.23 billion views on his content.

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This big of a following comes with its own loyal fanbase whose speed has grown over the years. Now, these people have come together in a Disord server made by IShowSpeed in order to interact with each other and game together. If you would like to be one of the people in the Discord server by Ishowspeed, you can scroll below and click the “Join This Server” button.

IShowSpeed Discord Server:

Here is the official link for the IShowSpeed Discord server;

Members: 478,782
Name: IShowSpeed’s Discord

This is IShowSpeed’s Official Discord.

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More About IShowSpeed:

IShowSpeed has only been making content for a little while yet has seen massive success with his Youtube following due to his entertaining nature. Because he is a gamer alongside a streamer, most of his fanbase consists of the younger generation who look up to him and want to play games alongside him.

So that he can interact with these fanboys and fangirls, IShowSpeed deemed it fit to create this Discord server where he can hop into text and voice channels with these fans to create content or interact.

Is The IShowSpeed Discord Server Official?

Yes, it is an official Discord server that has been created by him along with his channel moderators who watch over the Discord server in their free time. This means that even Speed himself is found within the Discord server, online, and chatting with his viewers, sometimes.

If you have been meaning to reach out to speed to be able to convey a message, this Discord server is a good way to reach him. Just be sure to not spam the Discord text channels as stated in the rules or you will be at risk of getting kicked off of the Ishowspeed Discord server.

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Rules Of The IShowSpeed Discord:

Speaking of rules, there are a dozen of them that you will have to abide by when you enter into the IShowSpeed discord server. Don’t fret as most of these rules are easy to follow and require no extra effort.

Just do not be spiteful, do not spam and advertise on the server, and respect everyone present in the discord server and you should be good for the most part.

However, it is recommended that you read the full set of rules available on the Discord server to get an idea of what is and is not allowed on the IShowSpeed discord server. You can read the full set of rules in the dedicated text channel present under the discord server’s announcement section.

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How To Join:

Entering the Discord server for Ishowspeed is considerably easy. All you have to do is scroll up and click on the blue “Join This Server” button which will automatically redirect you to the official Discord website or the Discord application (Depending on your device).

From here, you can simply click the “Join” button that pops up and you will be in! The Discord server may require you to authenticate your phone number which has been linked with Discord if it has not already been done; after which you can enjoy all the perks that come with the server!

What Does The Discord Server Offer?

When you first step foot in Speed’s Discord, you will need to verify yourself by clicking the “Verify” button. After having done so, several text channels and voice chats will be made available to you.

This includes text channels for trivia, quizzes, general chat, hall of fame, feedback, server ideas, clips, stream, art, FIFA ratings, and much more! You will be able to enter into any of these text channels and chat about your favorite topics.

Please make sure that while using these text channels, you stay relevant to the topic of the given channel. Any off-topic discussion is to be done in the general chat. Typing in a non-relevant channel may result in you getting penalized.

Furthermore, there are multiple public as well as private voice channels where you can hang out and game with your buddies. There are people always chilling in these voice chats so when you enter the Discord server, you can make friends within the community by hopping into one of the general voice chats.