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hydra discord bot

The Hydra Discord bot is by far one of the most famous bots in all of the history of the platform. It caters to over a hundred thousand Discord servers worldwide and aims to provide users with everything a Discord server needs to get started.

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If you want to experience the greatness of this bot firsthand, you have come to the right place. You can invite the Discord Hydra bot to your server by scrolling below and tapping the “Invite” button in order to get started on your journey!

Hydra Discord Bot 2023:

Here is the official Discord bot Hydra for you to invite to your server:

Servers: 109,216
Name: Hydra

The perfect discord music bot with an extensive dashboard! Feature rich with high quality music from Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud etc!

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More About The Hydra Discord Bot:

The Hydra Bot for Discord was initially created as a music bot just like the Rhythm or Groovy Discord bots but has grown into more of the one-bot-for-all-your-needs over the years. It provides users with a web dashboard that they can modify without having to use any commands whatsoever.

This gives the users free reign and frees them from having to remember any commands or syntaxes. The music commands of the Hydra Bot are the most used in recent years with over a hundred thousand people using them every single month.

Recently the Hydra Bot creators have also ventured into the path of providing users with Reaction Roles, a Message Builder, a feature-rich command list as well as a unique song request channel. These additions have made Hydra Bot even better than before.

Furthermore, for the fair price of $3.99 USD per month on each of your servers, you can get benefits from the Discord Hydra bot such as no reaction roles limits, 24/7 playback ability, autoplay, and global volume control, and much more.

These incentives have been provided to users because Hydra aims to be the one-stop-shop for all things Discord. You can go ahead and get started with adding the Hydra Bot to your Discord server by scrolling up and inviting it to your server.

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How To Invite The Hydra Discord Bot?

Inviting the Discord bot called Hydra to your Discord server is extremely easy and efficient. All you will need to do is scroll up and locate the Hydra Bot Discord window.

Here, you will be able to read the description provided by the creator of the Discord bot on what incentives the Discord bot offers as well as all the relevant information you will need. After having done that, you can simply click the “Invite” button provided below it.

This will redirect you to a Discord invite link. You can now log in to your Discord account and read through the settings. Follow the steps provided by the Discord application and choose which permissions you would like to grant the Discord server when it comes to modifying it.

Having done so, you can click the “Continue” button and the Discord server will be added to your server. You can now use the command “.help” to look for any answers to your questions.

Hydra Discord Bot Commands:

Here you will find a list of all the current Hydra Discord bot commands you can use within your server combined with their descriptions:

.help: Displays to you the help menu.

.lyrics: Displays for you the lyrics of the current song that is playing.

.lyrics <song title>: It will give you the lyrics of the song you have inserted.

.ping: Displays what latency the bot is currently on.

.ping ws: Displays to you the WebSocket latency that the bot is currently on.

.ping rest: Displays the latency of the rest of the Hydra bot.

.play <song name/url> [flags]: Plays a song for you that you have entered.

.playlist: Plays the last saved default playlist you entered.

.playlist list: Lists your saved playlists within a database that can be played later.

.play file: Plays a file that has been attached to the message entered.

If you want to check out more commands, you can click here in order to be redirected to the official Hydra Discord bot.