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There are multiple Discord servers for gore that you can join. We have handpicked these Discord servers below for you in order to give you a chance at joining the largest and most active of the bunch. You can scroll below to learn more and join these Discord servers.

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Gore Discord Servers 2024:

Here is a list of all the Gore Discord servers that you can join right now:

Members: 4,316
Name: Floppa’s Condo Dungeon

༺Daily Condo Uploads༻ ༺Low To Zero Moderation༻ ༺Gore༻

Members: 2,015
Name: Take The Throne

Take the Throne is a new battle royale game with up to 30 players in a free-for-all bloody fight to get to the throne first.

Members: 1,956
Name: ɢᴏᴅꜱ ᴅᴏᴍᴀɪɴ

homophobes and racists are on thin ice.

Members: 1,268
Name: Inequality

Fed up of strict mods? Just want to shitpost in peace? Join inequality.

Members: 578
Name: SCP. Site 19.

Site 19 has over 250 people, a handful of classes, and a good amount of anomalous beings that one can be.

Members: 411
Name: Corn Not Gore!

We got memes, nsww (newest), public activities ,etc.

More About Gore Discord Servers:

While there are too many to name, discord gore servers have been around since the public release of the platform in May of 2015. Many older people had initially started to feel safe and secure in discord’s walls so eventually, they started to create servers specifically based around gore.

I always watched scary movies as a child and heard of the infamous faces of death tapes. This was way before the days of the internet so this was the first time I’d ever heard of people dying on camera. Being as young as I was, I only knew I wasn’t supposed to watch it.

So of course I did everything in my power to get a hold of said tapes. This has been the story for most people who are in these Gore Discord servers. But why do we enjoy watching gore or violence on camera? Believe it or not, this is something that has actually been studied.

People want to understand what human curiosity is in regards to gore. One gore enthusiast who isn’t named is quoted as saying “I get enjoyment from my curiosity being temporarily resolved but I do not enjoy the images themselves.

I generally cringe with disgust and feel empathy for victims but it’s hard to explain exactly what I feel I usually have a ‘that’s enough’ moment about an hour and a half into the videos. I may not go back for months afterward or even years but I always go back.

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Why Do People Watch Gore?

It’s a common misconception to wonder if something’s wrong with you. Is something wrong with me because I enjoy watching this sort of content? Am I a serial killer? Do I have psychopathic tendencies?” and that’s actually a normal way to think. It’s a normal question that a lot of people have for themselves.

There are various reasons why people watch gore. Whatever your reason maybe, if you are joining these Gore Discord servers, just be ready to encounter some things that you may have never seen before. Now pick a Gore Discord server and hop on into it.