Gartic Phone Discord Server [Telephone Game 2024]

Gartic phone discord

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Gartic Phone Discord is a place of creativity, laughter, and fun. It’s a virtual playground where you can play Gartic Phone, the wildly popular game, with friends and strangers alike. If you’re looking for an exciting and fun place to play, then you’ve come to the right place.

Gartic Phone Discord 2024

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Members: 583,308
Name: Gartic

The official Gartic server! We develop drawing games: Gartic Phone,, GarticBOT, Gartic Show, Gartic On Stream

More About The Gartic Phone Discord

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the unique features and fun experiences that make the Gartic phone Discord a must-see for anyone looking for an unforgettable and fun gaming experience.

Gartic phone takes the classic Telephone game and adds the fun of drawing to it. Players write a secret phrase and pass it to someone else who tries to draw it. The drawing results are then passed to someone else who has to guess what the phrase was.

As the game goes on, the phrases turn into funny interpretations and the drawings take wild turns. It’s pure comedic gold! The Gartic phone Discord server makes it even more fun by connecting players in a virtual environment dedicated to the unique and hilarious game.

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Text & Voice Channels

Gartic Phone Discord is home to a community of creative and fun-loving gamers. Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting out as a doodler, there’s a Gartic phone Discord server for everyone.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been playing Gartic Phone for years, you’ll have plenty of channels dedicated to introducing yourself, talking about your favorite games, and just having a good time.

These channels allow you to connect, build relationships, and make new friends all in one place. The sense of community and shared joy within the community adds to the overall gaming experience.

Gartic phone Discord is always full of fun and laughs. Every game round reveals a new twist as phrases change and doodles take on life.

From masterpieces to hilarious misunderstandings, the game is always full of laughs and surprises. With dedicated game rooms, you can join in on ongoing rounds or start new ones. There’s always a game going on and a chance to show off your art skills or funny interpretations.

Community Events

Community events and contests are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Gartic phone Discord server. With themed rounds that require players to include specific elements in their drawings, as well as drawing competitions that honor the best of the best, Discord has something for everyone.

These events foster friendly competition, encourage creativity, and give players the chance to show off their skills while interacting with the community.

If you have any trouble figuring out how to play Gartic Phone with randoms, the server moderators are always there to help you!