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If you do not know what a furry is, it can be confusing when you first hear the word. A furry is someone who takes interest in anthropomorphized animals. Basically, an animal that has the ability to stand on two legs, talk and walk on their two legs. Furries are fans just like you are of your favorite movie. But instead of movies, they are into anthropomorphized animalsIf you are furry and are looking to join Furry Discord servers to meet more people like you, we have got you covered. This list will go over the largest and most active Discord Furry servers on the internet as of right now. For your ease, all these Furry Discord groups have been arranged in languages so whichever language suits you, you can go ahead and join that specific server!

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Furry Discord Servers List:

English (USA + UK):

This is the largest furry community there is. With over 100,000 unique members in all the servers, the English-speaking Furry servers often host giveaways as well as real-life meetups with fun activities to do!

Mostly it is just a bunch of people playing games and sharing their stories with each other as well as their interests within voice chats and text channels.

Members: 26,456
Name: The Fox Den

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Members: 16,476
Name: US Furries Discord

Members: 15,467
Name: Furry Royale

Members: 15,464
Name: Fluffy Abyss

Members: 2,277
Name: Furrily

Russian (Russia):

The Russian Furry community is quite small but extremely friendly. Everyone is chilling and day drinking together. They are extremely welcoming and the moderation is amazing.

Members: 3,574
Name: Сообщество FURRY / ФУРРИ

German (Germany):

The German furry community welcomes people from all around the world. They are an open community with everyone hanging out in voice chats. They are an 18+ community of people looking to have fun with other people who share the same interest as you.

Members: 2,045
Name: German Furry

French (France):

A fairly large community of active members, the french Furries welcome people of all ages. Just make sure to respect all their rules as the moderators are fairly strict on what is allowed and what is not.

Members: 2,046
Name: 🐾 [FR] Furry’s Club 🌻

Portuguese (Brazil):

A bunch of friendly lads and welcoming people is what makes this community unique. There are people of all ages and races within the server with minimum trolls. They host frequent giveaways, activities, and voice chats. This is a fairly small community of 500+ people and everyone seems to know each other.

Members: 5,475
Name: 🔰 BraFurries – Furries do Brasil 🔰

More Info on Furry Servers Discord:

Now, most people have the wrong perspective when it comes to furries. They have been portrayed as sexual fetishists united by a common interest in sex in animal costumes by multiple news outlets around the world. But that is far from the truth. Most people tend to think furries are just people who run around wearing fursuits all day. The reality is, the fursuiters are only a minority of the furry community. Furries are just us you and me, normal human beings going about their day-to-day lives.

What are Furry Discord Servers Like?

Furry Discord servers are just like any other public discord group. They have people who are looking to chill, play some games, and exchange some fun times. These people in Furry servers Discord are just looking to have fun with other like-minded people with a similar interest as them. Although there are some trolls that get in the servers, overall it is a safe place for many. If you have any issues with any members, the moderation team will file a complaint against the accused and appropriate action will be taken by them.

How Do I Join One of These Furry Discord Channels?

Well, there is not much to do! All you have to do to get into one of these Furry Roleplay server Discords is click on one of the join server buttons from the list above and you are good to go! Now you can go ahead and hang out with people who are just into anthropomorphized animals as you are! and the best part is, they are all extremely welcoming and friendly people.

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Are There Any Furry Dating Discords?

The short answer is, yes. There are multiple Furry Dating Discords within the list above that offer people a chance to get to know each other. You can meet strangers and overall have a fun time with them and potentially even go on an online date!

Rules And Regulations:

Because of all the trolls within these Discord Furry servers, the moderators set a number of rules the people have to abide by. Now all of these servers have their own set of rules.  So if you are going to be joining one of the Furry Discord Channels, make sure to read the rules so you are not at risk of getting kicked or potentially banned. Two rules all these Furry Discord groups share is to be respectful of people and their interests alike. No toxicity within these servers is tolerated and action will be taken if you are not respectful of the servers. So make sure to respect everyone and have fun!


Now that you know all there is to know about Furry servers Discord and how to join them, you can go ahead and hop right into one of them to experience and hang out with people from the same fandom as you! 

Go play games, join fun group activities and most importantly, have fun with everyone.