Forsen Discord Server [Official Community]

Hans Eli Sebastian Fors, also known as Forsen in his professional life is one of the most popular Swedish Twitch streamers of all time. This streamer got their start by playing and competing in the popular games called StarCraft II, Heartstone, and various other PC-based games.

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Now Forsen has gained a fan following of millions who come and watch his streams every single week. If you are one of these people, you might want to become a part of his thriving community. You can do this by joining the Forsen Discord server mentioned below.

Scroll below to find and join the only official Forsen Discord server with over 48,000 active members.

Forsen Discord Server 2024:

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Name: Forsen

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More About The Forsen Discord Server:

With a little over 48,000 members who are actively looking to talk, game, and hang out in the text and voice channels of the Forsen Discord server, it is safe to assume that the Discord server by Forsen is one of the biggest servers when it comes to streamer Discords.

How To Join:

To join the Forsen Discord server, all you need to do is scroll up. There you will have to locate the “Join This Server” button. After having done so, simply click on the button which will redirect you to a new page where either your Discord application will be launched or you will be taken to the official Discord website.

It is from here that you can click the “Join” button which will then enter you into the Discord server. Please note that once you are on the Discord server, you will first have to verify yourself in order to view all of the available text and voice channels.

To complete this step, you will be sent a Discord DM by the AltDentifier bot. Open the link sent and log in to your Discord server account on that website. Then follow the instructions given by the bot and wait till you are verified.

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Rules Of The Forsen Discord:

There are certain rules you will need to abide by when entering the Discord server. These rules have been implemented by the moderators of the Forsen Discord servers and if they are not followed, you will be at the risk of getting banned from the Discord server completely.

You will find these Forsen rules when you enter the Discord server. They are fairly straightforward and easy to follow. The most important rule when entering this Discord server is to always be respectful to all the members.

The mods have a strict rule of completely kicking you off of the server if you show any toxicity towards any of the members in the Discord server, no matter who it is.

More About Forsen:

After having competed in Heartstone and winning several tournaments such as the May 2015 HTC Invitational, Forsen decided to take a completely different approach from his former teammates. He decided to stream on the popular live streaming website Twitch.

Although, after he started streaming almost half a decade ago, his competitive drive did not die down and he still competed in multiple tournaments that he found fun and entertaining.

One of these was the annual Twitch Rivals in the game of PUBG. Forsen took home the first prize for this tournament along with his four-man team.

It is through Twitch that Forsen met one of his Rivals xQc who he has competed against in a friendly battle to speedrun Minecraft.

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As of 2021, Forsen was ahead of xQc in his personal best score by a few seconds and the rivalry seems to have died down since.

Now Forsen streams to tens of thousands of people every single month and is known for his witty and unmatched personality as well as his inside community jokes. You can become a part of his inside jokes by joining his Discord server now!