Fallout 76 Discord Servers [Active 2023]

fallout 76 discord

What is fallout 76? Well, the 76 in the game’s title refers to vault 76 one of the 122 Volk tech installations built across America in the game. However, unlike many other vaults that involved secret and often cruel experimentation on the people inside board 76 is what is known as a control vault. Presumably, in the game, the data from here was used as a baseline sample to compare to the results from the more nefarious vaults like empty six has been mentioned in both Fallout 3 and 4, and although no specific location has ever been given the residents of vault 76, they are about to leave the vault. The celebration of this event is called reclamation day and a brief bit of dialogue suggests it’s the role of the residents of this vault to begin to rebuild or reclaim America. We were fighting a stop however to give a little bit of context to a kind of state the world would be in just 25 years after the Great War fallout 3 was set over 200 years after the bombs had dropped and fallout 4 was over 210 years.

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Fallout 76 is an action game with an added role-playing factor. This game is available on the 3 main platforms: PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Fallout 76 is Bethesda Game Studios’s first multiplayer game. If you want to play this role-playing game, you need to have people with you as it is not much fun without them. This is why there are Discord servers which the community has created in order to enjoy the game to its fullest. You can join these Discord servers which are linked below and enjoy your time playing the game. The Discord servers are inclusive of but not limited to Fallout 76. You can trade and play with friends on these servers.

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Fallout 76 Discord Servers 2023:

A list of all the most active Fallout 76 Discord servers:

English (USA + UK)

Hosting giveaways and trading with each other, the Fallout English-speaking community is tons of fun and the largest there is! There are little to no trolls in the servers as they are instantly kicked so make sure to read the rules before hopping into them.

Members: 11,748
Name: Fallout 76 Trading Hub

Members: 23,585
Name: Fallout 76

Members: 4,160
Name: The Enclave

Members: 2,593
Name: FO76 Casuals

Members: 1,222
Name: The United Brotherhood of Steel

Members: 959
Name: Fallout 76 Trading

Spanish (Spain)

The Spanish community is friendly and small so everyone seems to be well acquainted with each other. The moderation is quite strict so make sure to read the rules before joining.

Members: 1,889
Name: 🎲Lucky 76🎲

Russian (Russia)

A fairly large community with over a thousand members. Russian natives enjoy the game with each other every day and love it. The moderators are quite chill so there are some trolls on the servers.

Members: 1,071
Name: Russian Nuka-Tribe (Fallout 76)

French (France)

The french enjoy the game more than anyone else. They are active 24/7 looking to play the game. If you want a good time, join them and play with them every day.

Members: 1,016
Name: Fallout Génération

Vieille et grande communauté de l’univers Fallout, le Discord est l’un de nos outils. Plongez-vous dans le post-apo et dans l’univers Fallout de ses débuts à nos jours.