What Is A Discord Kitten? [Definition]

What Is A Discord Kitten?

If you are wondering what the term “Discord Kitten” means, you have come to the right place. We will be going over everything you need to know about a Discord Kitten including where the word originates from, how it got popularized, and what it refers to. Without further ado, Let’s dig into what being a Discord Kitten truly means.

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What Is a Discord Kitten?

The words “Discord Kitten” refer to a slang term that alludes to Discord users that are female and like to cosplay as kittens (baby cats). The term was initially popularized with phrases like “Will you be my Discord Kitten, muffin?” that appeared on numerous social media platforms.

These Discord kittens are found mostly in role-playing Discord servers that have been catching the attention of thousands around the world since 2019. The term has become a meme amongst Gen Z and continues to be mentioned in conversations.

Where Did Discord Kittens Originate From?

The very first mention of a discord kitten dates back to 2016 when discord was only starting to catch attention. A Twitter user by the name of SlaytypeDA posted the following to his account (shown below).

Back then, the tweet only got a total of 2 likes but he was the inventor of the infamous term Discord kitten. Although it was mentioned in 2016, the term only caught fire when it was used in private Discord servers in the years that followed; particularly in 2019 and 2020.

slaytypeDA mentioning Discord Kittens

How Did The Term Discord Kitten Spread?

Now like most popular memes, it started off on Reddit when around mid-2017 the term started being made mainstream with Redditors referring to themselves as kittens. Some Redditors also started finding the term annoying and degrading.

For example when the user called “Schwifterr” on Reddit made a post about one of their friends calling someone a “Kitten” on their school’s Discord server and how it made them face second-hand embarrassment. This post received support and got 27 upvotes which only contributes to the spread of the term.

Discord Kittens are Cringe

Under this post were comments of other males linking to their own Discord servers and their discord tags in hopes of finding themselves a Discord Kitten.

Another instance of Discord kittens being mentioned on social media platforms back in the day was from Twitter user “Strwbearrie” who made a tweet in 2019. This tweet read “daddy will be back on discord soon kitten” and got little to no attention; only garnering 9 likes. However, this was actually the first time that the word “Daddy” was used together with “Discord Kitten” and marked the start of an era.

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Not long after this, the term was used regularly by social media users such as Markcord and HAMMETTBITCH.

The first tweet that ever blew up the term “Discord Kittens” was by user Scobesx, who totaled 840 likes within the first week of posting this image (shown below) with the caption “Daddy will be on discord soon kitten”.

Discord Kittens on Instagram

From here on out, the Discord kitten term was transferred over to Instagram with user drivers_real_catholic_official posting a meme about it that only received about 40 likes in February 2020. Another Instagram meme page took notice of the growing popularity and posted an image of a person with dyed purple hair by captioning it “don’t worry kitten, daddy will be back on discord”.

This earned the page named “Beefchomgle” a total of 2000+ likes over the first week of it being posted. This was pretty impressive given that this post was made in March of 2020 when the term was not so mainstream.

Multiple other meme posts were also created in mid-2020 about Discord kittens by Redditors, Tiktokers, and Twitter users but the real popularity came with Discord kittens being mentioned in Urban Dictionary on September 23rd, 2020.

The definition received a total of 680 likes after it was posted by user k1rbytop1. This was about the time when interest in the searches for Discord Kittens grew as people wanted to meet them and know more about them.

Celebrity Mention

The Twitch streaming community was starting to finally take notice of the term and the first celebrity to mention the term Discord kitten was the streamer known as Quackity who called his widely popular friend called GeorgeNotFound a Kitten while GeorgeNotFound called him his “Daddy”.

Multiple people clipped the interaction from the stream and uploaded it to YouTube for the public to view and be entertained. The public quickly took notice and started searching for the meaning of Discord kittens.

This exchange took place in a Minecraft server called the Dream SMP which was widely known as the most popular Minecraft server of all time given that it had all of the most famous YouTubers and Twitch streamers role-playing within it.

Only a few hours after this incident, Quackity tweeted out “Discord Kitten” on his account and received more than 274,500 likes. It just goes to show the influence that Quackity had in terms of popularizing the term.

To this tweet, his good friend GeorgeNotFound and Dream also responded with “Quackity: I’m your discord kitten.” Quoting what Qaucity had said earlier in the Twitch Live steam.

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Some people describe Discord kittens as Boys and E-girls who are sugar babies who become your personal “slave” after you give them Discord Nitro. Discord Nitro is a premium subscription that costs about $9.99 per month and gives users special perks within the most popular voice chat service.

This is how the term caught its popularity. Now there are hundreds of Discord servers with Discord kittens and masters that command them known as “Daddies”. Although these Discord servers are friendly and public for anyone to join, beware and do not break the rules they follow to have a grand time within them if you decide to join.