Discord Server For Auronplay [Official Disccord 2024]

Raúl Álvarez Genes otherwise known as Auronplay to his online audience is a Spanish YouTube and internet personality who plays video games for his 29+ million subscriber fanbase. He is among one of the biggest Spanish YouTubers on the planet and has a loyal fanbase who follows him.

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To accommodate this huge following of fans, he, along with his multiple moderators, has gone ahead and made a Discord server by Auronplay in which his fans can come together to celebrate his achievements, interact with each other and play games!

If you are one of the people who want to become a part of the Auronplay fanbase, you have come to the right place. Below you will find a Discord server link that you can join in order to become an official part of Auronplay’s Discord community.

AuronPlay Discord Server 2024:

Join the AuronPlay community by becoming a part of the Discord by AuronPlay:

Members: 299,677
Name: Auroners

Servidor oficial de Auronplay. Conoce gente nueva, juega, disfruta con nuestros canales de entretenimiento y más.

Learn More About AuronPlay:

After having grown up in Spain, AuronPlay developed an interest in YouTube in the early life of the website. He joined the website in 2006 and has continued to make content since while taking little breaks in between.

Because of the long time he has spent making comedic content for his followers, he has found himself in a community around his content.

This community on Discord has over 200,000 active members who participate in the activities happening within the Discord server every day. You can join these activities and be a part of the competitions and events happening all day round!

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Is AuronPlay in the Discord?

Yes, you can find the official Discord account for Auronplay in this Discord server as it is an official server. AuronPlay often drops by in voice chats and text channels within the Discord server whenever he is active to engage with his community.

However, if you would like to reach out to AuronPlay, this Discord server is not the best way to do so. Spamming AuronPlay within the Discord server will get you kicked or completely banned from the AuronPlay Discord server as stated in their rules. So please be respectful and do not spam him with messages or tags.


As AuronPlay is a Spanish Speaking YouTuber, his main audience also speaks Spanish. So when entering the Discord server, be vary that you will have to know some Spanish to be able to interact with his fanbase.

Their primary language is Spanish; however, if you do not know how to speak the language, you can use google translate to be able to interact within the Discord server.

Rules of the AuronPlay Discord:

there is a set of rules you will need to abide by when you first enter the Discord server. It is a quick read to be able to understand these rules. You can access them by entering the Discord server mentioned above and then scrolling to the “#Rules” section of the Discord server by AuronPlay.

From here, go through every rule very carefully and you can get started on your journey of exploring the Discord server by AuronPlay. Just be sure to firmly follow these rules as the moderators take them very seriously.

If you are found in violation of any of them, you are eligible to be kicked or banned from the server.