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destiny 2 discord servers

Destiny is an online-only first-person shooter that serves up sci-fi action with a splash of role-playing in a dash. Here’s your comprehensive guide to all the background info you should know if you’ve never played Destiny before but want to dive into it like me. This is the core of destiny story missions unraveled the game’s overarching plot and can be completed solo or in a fireteam. The fireteam is your squad the number of players in a fireteam varies depending on the mode but it can be comprised of total strangers or online friends.

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Fireteams can contain any combination of classes races such as Human Awoken or EXO and genders strikes are specialized missions that can only be completed by fire teams of three players. Think of them as mini-dungeons tasking you with clearing a series of enemy encounters and pushing you forwards until you reach an ultimate boss battle to earn high-level weapons and armor. The crucible is destiny’s competitive PVP multiplayer offering loot by completing a variety of maps and modes like control, where players fight to capture and hold three points across a map.

However, to complete all this alone is boring and not so much fun. And if you are looking for people who play the game and enjoy it as much as you do, you can go ahead and join Discord servers for Destiny 2 that offers players the chance to play Destiny 2 with strangers that are yet to be friends. People are online 24/7 on these servers looking to play all the time. you can go ahead and join these servers and join them as they are extremely welcoming and friendly to all newbies. You will definitely have a blast with them.

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Destiny 2 Discord Servers 2024:

Here is a list of all the most active and friendly Destiny 2 Discord servers as of right now:

English (USA + UK)

The English-speaking community within Destiny is the largest LFG group there is. They play the game every day with thousands of members who share the same enthusiasm as you, looking for a team almost every day.

Members: 22,684
Name: D2Sanctuary

Members: 8,912
Name: Destiny 2

This is a discord server for all Destiny 2 players to find fireteams, find clans, and just chill with other Destiny 2 fans. (For PC, PS4, Xbox, and Stadia players)

Members: 4,008
Name: Destiny Stadia

The biggest Destiny 2 community on Stadia! With over 3,500 members, we offer the best LFG experience on Stadia, bar none!

Hope to see you inside!

Members: 2,426
Name: Society

Members: 2,214
Name: Obsidian Watchers

Protuguese (Brazil)

Friendly server with thousands of players looking for a team to play destiny with. They host weekly events and more for the community.

Members: 19,030
Name: Destiny 2 Brasil

Server Destiny 2 Brasil, sejam bem vindos tambem portugueses… Somos o maior discord de destiny da America Latina.

Italian (Italy)

The Italian-speaking community within Destiny is small but wild. They are always active and have people in voice chats and host giveaways semi-regularly.

Members: 9,977
Name: Destiny 2 Italia

German (Germany)

A small server hence everyone seems to be well acquainted with each other. They have good moderators and strict rules so make sure to give them a read.

Members: 6,627
Name: Destiny 2 Deutschland

Destiny 2 Community Discord Deutschland

Kanäle zur Gruppensuche, Sprachchat, Informationen und Hilfe zum Spiel in einer großen wachsenden Community mit über 2800 aktiven Mitgliedern.

Russian (Russia)

The server itself mostly has 18+ members with crazy Russians but they are friendly and always welcoming to everyone.

Members: 2,840
Name: MЯCØ

Мы приглашаем Вас вступить в игровое сообщество “МЯСО – Мы Явно Сильнее Остальных!”.
Играем в различные игры, ПРИСОЕДИНЯЙТЕСЬ.