Dauntless Discord Servers [Find New Players]

dauntless discord servers

A fairly new game with amazing graphics and astonishing graphics is what makes Dauntless unique. The concept of the game is fairly new with a role-playing aspect to it. Officially launched on May 21, 2019, the game has quickly caught the eyes of many mainstream gamers. The game can be found on every platform from PC and PS4 to the Xbox One. The game takes place in a fantasy world where a doomsday-like event has taken place. The free-to-play game now requires you to save the planet from Behemoths that prey on humans.

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Now to truly enjoy the game to its full potential, you have to play with other people. And this can be especially difficult when you have no friends who enjoy the game as much as you. This is why the people have created Dauntless Discord servers for you to join and be a part of. This list contains some of the most active and nontoxic servers from all around the world for you to join and be a part of. These servers are also language-oriented for your convenience. So let us jump right into it:

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Dauntless Discord Servers 2023:

English (USA + UK)

The English-speaking community is the largest community around Dauntless that exists. They are extremely welcoming people with strict moderation. Make sure to go through the rules and regulations of each server to avoid being potentially kicked or banned.

Members: 423
Name: Dauntless RP

Members: 396
Name: Dauntless Hangout

Members: 341
Name: Dauntless Builds

Members: 80
Name: The Slayer’s Tavern

French (France):

The largest community within Dauntless as of this time is the french community. There are thousands of members with strict moderation so there are little to no trolls. Go ahead and enjoy your time by joining them in the fun activities.

Members: 5,325
Name: Dauntless France

Members: 111
Name: Dauntless Baguette

Italian (Italy):

The second-largest Dauntless community. The people are extremely good at Dauntless and are willing to help newbies out. There are no strict rules and loose moderation so you are free to do whatever you feel is right.

Members: 1,546

German (Germany):

Everyone in the German Dauntless Discord server is well acquainted with each other. Everyone is friendly and enjoys playing Dauntless at all times of the day.

Members: 891
Name: ProWuju™

Russian (Russia):

A fairly small community with close friends looking to play dauntless every day with other members. Go ahead and become one of them by joining their servers.

Members: 152
Name: R A I J U

More Info on Dauntless Servers:

Dauntless has quickly caught flame with its release. And with this fame comes people looking to play the role-playing game with other enthusiasts. This is why the community has come together and made several Dauntless Discord servers that like-minded people can join to enjoy the game to its full extent. These also include Dauntless Discord bots. If you need any help or just want to know the Dauntless server status, there are people who are willing to help you out on these servers. Chances are, If you are reading this, the like-minded people mentioned above include you! So go ahead and select one of the Discord servers from above can click the button to get in on the action.


The servers above have been categorized based on the main languages of each server. So before hopping into one of these servers, make sure to check if the servers which you are joining are under a language that you are fluent in.

Rules and Regulations:

Now there are some rules that need to be followed if you end up adding yourself to one of these servers. Each server in this list has a different set of rules. So before getting carried away by the fun, read the rules of that certain server to avoid getting potentially kicked or banned for good. There is one rule however that each one of these servers follows. That being, everyone on the server needs to be non-toxic towards other players. Each member in the Dauntless community Discord, including the mods, is just trying to have fun, so respect and treat everyone equally as everyone is just trying to have fun with a common interest they share.