CrunchyRoll Discord Server 2024

Crunchyroll is an American-made subscription-based website that has been made by Sony in order to provide users with Japanese animated series or anime. The service was made publicly available in 2006 and since has grown to millions of users who are actively subscribed to it.

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Now the website has thousands of anime enjoyers who go onto the website daily to watch series such as Naruto. Because of the large fanbase that has formed around the content available on Crunchyroll, they have made an official Discord server where you can meet other people and even watch TV series with them!

This Discord server by the Crunchyroll team has amassed over 50,000 active members who use their service actively. If you want to become a part of the Crunchyroll Discord community, you can scroll below in order to join them.

Crunchyroll Discord Server 2024:

Here is the official link for the Crunchyroll Discord server;

Members: 55,224
Name: Crunchyroll

What better place to discuss those shows than the freshly-launched official Crunchyroll Discord server? Hop in, share your Crunchyroll status and find your people

More About The Crynchyroll Discord:

There are two main factors as to why the Discord server exists. The first one is obvious; uniting all anime fans so they can discuss the latest series available on the Website as well as their favorite series and suggest to others what anime series they should watch next.

Another purpose the Discord server serves is that of a complaint forum. If the servers are down for the subscription-based service or if there is anything wrong with the website that the moderators need to be alerted of, this Discord server by Crunchyroll is where all that feedback is taken into account.

What the Discord Server offers:

When you enter the Discord server, you will come across dozens of text channels. Including an announcement feed, feedback chat, and talks about video games, mangas as well as novels.

They even have a spoiler chat where you are free to talk about and discuss any given anime or manga without having to worry about spoiling the anime for others!

Furthermore, the Discord server also offers an offtopic subsection where people can talk about music, generally, chat or share their cosplays/fanart.

If you would like to chill and hang out with your buddies within the group or game with them, the Crunchyroll Discord server has you covered as they offer multiple voice channels as well which are open to all Crunchyroll Discord members.

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Like any well-maintained Discord server, the Crunchyroll Discord also has a set of rules that you will need to abide by.

These rules are straightforward and require no extra effort. They are only integrated within the server to ensure there is no harassment/bullying within the server so be respectful of them and follow each one carefully. The rules of the Discord server for Crunchyroll are as follows:

  • English-Speaking Server; all conversations taking place should be in English.
  • Be Nice to Each Other
  • Hate Speech and Discrimination are Not Tolerated
  • No Baiting and Harassment of Any Kind
  • No Spamming or Self Advertisement
  • Keep Discussions in the Proper Channel
  • Give Artist Credit for their work
  • NSFW and Disturbing Content is prohibited
  • No sharing of Personal Information
  • Piracy Talk is not allowed
  • Keep Usernames, Profile Pictures, and User Statuses Appropriate
  • No Talks About Sensitive Topics

How to Join:

To join the Crunchyroll Discord server, all you need to do is scroll up and find the “Join this Server” button. Once you press the button, you will be redirected to the official Discord website with the invite link.

Now all you need to do is press the “Join This Server” button once again to be entered into the server. You can now hop on to the server and get chatting with all the members!

Just remember to follow all the rules stated above or you will be at risk of getting kicked or banned for life from the server.