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Looking for servers with fellow Christians to befriend?

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Well, look no further! This list shows you the most active Christian Discord servers there are. The Christian community is becoming larger and larger every day with more and more people accepting the religion every day. So if you´re looking to make some new Christian friends within the community, this list has been specially compiled for you. Our goal with this list is to unite the Christian community to chat, call, play games, or even pray together!

Christian Discord Servers:

English (USA + UK)

All these English-speaking Christian servers have daily prayer groups and are extremely open and welcome to all religions. Make sure to respect everyone and not disrupt people looking to have a good time.

Members: 6,280
Name: Scripture Alone 🏰

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Members: 5,514
Name: Jesus Is The Way

Members: 1,343
Name: Christianity Discord

Members: 670
Name: Ghewsten’s Bible Time

Members: 596
Name: The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day

Members: 2673
Name: Servus Dei

Members: 918
Name: Your Humble Servant

Members: 1,598
Name: Foi Orthodoxe

Members: 1,031
Name: Christian Single Mingle

More Info on Christian Discord Server List:

There are endless possibilities of what you can do with your newly made friends thanks to this list. Most of these servers are Christian gaming Discord servers where everyone is welcome to join and have fun together.

The Christian gaming community is a rather large one, considering it is the largest religion in the world. So if you were looking to join a Christian discord server that is all too friendly and welcoming, this server is definitely for you! 

In these Christian gaming discord servers, people grow their love for Christ, connect with each other in the world and in the spirit, and go out and serve the world in his name. All that while connecting with fellow Christians and having fun with them.

The list above contains the fastest-growing Christian servers that exist as of right now, With thousands of members looking to meet others in the name of Christ.

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Christian Discord Server Teachings:

These list of Christian discord server also include papers and essays written by philosophers, theologians, and more arguing for the theistic and Christian worldview. They also host open light-hearted arguments between different religions from around the world. If you are a convert looking for papers and essays to discuss and learn about the religion, there is no better way than to start from here.

Although most people within the Christian gaming discord servers are just looking to have some fun times playing video games with buddies, the Christian gaming community provides every little bit of help with people including moderators looking to help at any time of the day.


Beware: These Discord servers might contain some extremists within them. Although the moderators try their best to keep the server as clean as possible. So if you are joining one of these servers, make sure to carefully read the rules and regulations of each server and abide by them for a more friendly experience. All religions are welcome within the server so make sure to respect everyone and not cause any disturbances for people. Do not try to force your opinions on anyone in these church discord servers.