Blox Fruits Discord Servers [Trade & Raid]

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Blox fruits originated from the anime called “One Piece” after weebs wanted to enjoy playing Roblox as characters within the anime One Piece. It is a role-playing game where fruits play a major part, hence the name.

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The game mode is played by hundreds of thousands around the world every month and is one of the most famous Roblox games ever created. Because of the thousands of people that have caught the attention of this game, many people have wanted to play it in multiplayer mode with friends or strangers.

This is where the Discord servers for Blox Fruits come in. There are multiple Discord servers for Blox Fruits. You can scroll down to view the Blox Fruits LFG Discord servers as well as Blox Fruit trading servers made by fans.

Blox Fruits Discord Servers 2024:

Check out the list of all the most popular Blox Fruits Discord Servers:

English (USA + UK):

Join the English-speaking community. They are friendly and welcoming.

Members: 34,367
Name: The Winning Smile Pirates

We are a Blox fruits roblox community! We Have Planned Raids.(Cap) We Got Private servers tho. We Got Ponegliffs.

Members: 12,568
Name: 🐎【Skilled’nt YBA & Blox Fruit Gang】

What do we offer? 👀 Trading Section, For you trade your Items/Cosmetics/Fruits/Gamepasses (WE DONT ALLOW CROSSTRADING)

Members: 9,825
Name: Fallen Hawks

Fallen Hawks is an active server for the game ‘Blox Fruits’. We have an fun and chill community, pursuing to be the top community.

Members: 8,348
Name: Bloxgrind

We are Bloxgrind, a gaming server that mainly focus on Roblox.

Members: 7,836
Name: TM Blox Fruits Unofficial 🎇

Here is the unofficial discord server for blox fruits, we have 7,000 members and are looking for more! Be sure to check out our server!

Members: 5,725
Name: 🔥Hell Fruits🔥

This is Hell Fruits we are a discord server dedicated to people who play Grand Piece Online, Blox Fruits, and King Legacy.

Members: 5,522
Name: Blox Traders

We are a YBA S: A AUT PSX and any ROBLOX games trading community!

View More: YBA Discord

Portoguese (Brazil):

The Brazilian Blox Fruits server community is extremely open to new members and will help you out if you speak their language.

Members: 5,365
Name: 🍊 Blox Boosts 🍊

Comunidade de jogadores de MMO RPG no roblox, também upamos contas de Blox Boosts, Anime Fighters e King Legacy

Members: 4,275
Name: 「🇧🇷」 Animes Blox | 5k 🔥

Server de jogos de animes do roblox 🎮 Entre para fazer amizades🤝 Participe de nossos sorteios🤑

More About The Blox Fruits Discord:

Most people want to go into the Blox Fruits Discord servers because they are LFG (Looking for a group). If you are one of them, the server at the very top of the list is the one you should consult as it has the most amount of members who are also looking for teammates or opponents to play Blox Fruits with.

What Are Blox Fruits?

There are three types of Blox Fruits in the Roblox game hence the name. These categories include the natural one, which has no passive ability and is easily discoverable.

Then comes the Elemental Blox Fruit that carries a passive ability to let players bypass any damage as long as the opponent is 5% lower level than them and does not carry any enchantments.

What many people may not know about the Elemental Blox Fruit is that if a user is using the Blox Fruit, you can use your enchantments which you can get from the Frozen Village for 25,000 from the Ability Teacher in the cave.

Lastly, there is the Beast version. The beast version is pretty much self-explanatory as it grants you the power of a beast as well as lets you turn into one if you wish for a certain period of time.

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Is There An Official Blox Fruits Discord Server?

No, there is no current active Discord server for Blox fruits. However, there are several Discord servers for Blox Fruits that you can find that have thousands of members within them. These Discord servers are fanmade of course and still not the real deal.

No one knows what happened to the official Blox Fruits Discord server. Some speculate that it was hacked and deleted but nothing is confirmed as of yet.

Until the official Blox Fruits Discord server returns, you can join the fanbase in the Blox Fruits raid Discord servers to hang out with the community.

Rules And Regulation:

There are some rules you will have to follow in order to join the Blox Fruits trading community. Although these servers are public for anyone to join, the moderators strongly encourage everyone to abide by the rules they have set forth.

You can find the rules under the General or Announcement tab within each Discord server. Give it a quick read and you should be good to go!