Apex Discord Servers [Multilingual Communities]

After being released at the start of February back in 2019, Apex Legends has taken the world by storm because of its unique battle royale genre. Because games like Fortnite and Pubg were also popular at the time, people wanted to try out Apex Legends as well to see what the hype was about.

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Now thousands of players still tune into the game every day to enjoy the game modes Apex Legends offers. However, one problem most people run into when playing the game is they cannot find teammates to play with.

If you are encountering the same problem, you can go ahead and scroll below and join the Apex Discord servers in order to find comrades to help you along in your endeavors within Apex Legends.

Apex Discord Servers 2024:

Here is a compiled list of all the most popular Apex Discord servers:

English (USA + UK):

People have created one of the largest gaming communities within the English-speaking Apex Legends Discord servers. You can join them for a fun time now!

Members: 705,564
Name: Apex Legends

Community run, developer supported Discord server dedicated to Apex Legends. Join for LFG, Game Discussion, News & more!

Members: 36,180
Name: Apex Legends

Apex Legends Discord Server (Community Built). Join us now for a fun time.

Members: 13,642
Name: ApeX Community

Imagine a place. Join over 100 million people who use Discord to talk and hang out with communities and friends.

French (France):

With hundreds of people joining to play Apex Legends with the french, you are sure to be welcomed with open arms here.

Members: 83,118
Name: Apex Legends FR

Rejoins la plus grande communauté francophone Apex Legends !

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German (Germany):

With strict rules, the German Discord servers for Apex legends have a well-moderated server with little to no toxic individuals.

Members: 40,638
Name: Apex Legends Germany

Wir sind der älteste und größte Deutsche Apex-Legends Germany Discord und Supporten Plattformübergreifend mit über 38K Membern!

Italian (Italy):

Want more Italian speaking friends? Join the italians in order to not only speak it but also learn from them!

Members: 20,728
Name: Apex Legends Italia

Apex Legends Italia – Trova compagni con cui giocare e partecipa ad eventi e tornei, insieme ai tuoi Streamer preferiti

Portuguese (Brazil):

The Brazilians are known to be a wild bunch. They sure know how to have fun. This server is 13+ so beware!

Members: 16,830
Name: Apex Legends Brasil

Descubra a melhor comunidade de Apex Legends no Brasil! Aqui você vai encontrar aquele squad campeão e mais

Spanish (Spain):

Being one of the largest communities for Apex Legends there is, the well-behaved people of the Spanish community are always looking for new members.

Members: 10,513
Name: PlayApexES

Comunidad Apex Legends ESPAÑA

More About Apex Discord Servers:

If you want to try out the multiplayer mode of Apex Legends but do not have anyone to play with, you are the perfect candidate for these Discord servers for Apex mentioned in the list above. These servers offer you the opportunity to connect with various like-minded people who are also LFG.

When entering the server, you will be welcomed with open arms. Be sure to treat everyone nicely and you should be good to go.

Some of the Apex Discords above may require you to verify yourself through a phone number or by opening a ticket. You can do so by following the instructions given to you in the text channels available to you.

Is There An Official Apex Discord Server?

Yes, there is an official Apex Discord server that is public for anyone to join. With over 705,024 members, Discord is growing every day. The Discord server has been created by the community and is supported by the official developers of the Apex Legends game.

If you have come across a bug within the game that you would like to report, or simply just want to play ranked through the team finder text channel in the official Apex Discord server, you can head over to the very first server that has been linked to at the top of the list.

Once you are in, you will need to verify yourself by following the instructions. After having done that you can head over to any of the text and voice channels made available to you to use the Discord server as you please.

How To Join The Apex Discord Servers:

Joining the Discord servers for Apex from the list above is extremely easy. All you need to do is scroll up and choose a Discord server you like and want to be a part of. You can read the descriptions of the servers provided by the owners to get a better understanding of what they have to offer.

After you have chosen the Discord server you would like to join, simply click the “Join This Server” button underneath it. After doing so, you will be redirected to the official Discord application or the Discord website, depending upon your device.

Now you simply need to click “Continue” or “Join” and you will be entered within the server. Here you will be greeted by the Mee6 Discord bot and in some cases, be asked to verify yourself. Follow the simple instructions mentioned and afterward, enjoy everything the server has to offer!

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Rules of the Apex Discords:

Whether you join the Apex team finder Discord or the Ranked Apex Legends Discord server, you will need to be familiarized with the rules. These rules differ in each of the servers above and can be found under the announcements or rules tab within each server.

Before hopping right into the Discord server and joining a text or voice channel, it is recommended that you skim through the rules in order to get familiar with them. This will prevent any chances of you being in violation, which may result in you being banned or kicked off of the server completely.