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Being only 28, Amouranth has become one of the biggest woman Twitch streamers on the site. The streamer has gained millions of followers on Twitch within 2 years mainly because of her amazing abilities to spot trends and get good at them.

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Now she has a fan following of hundreds of thousands of people who come to watch her Twitch streams and YouTube videos every month. This gain in popularity has created a community around the streamer which has been growing at an exponential rate.

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Amouranth Discord Server 2024:

Check out the Amouranth Discord server here:

Members: 49,269amouranth discord pfp
Name: Amouranth

Join my Discord! It’s public ♥

To accompany this community and unite them, Amouranth and her team of moderators have created a Discord server for Amouranth’s fans to join. This Discord server has over 40,000 members and is growing rapidly every day.

More About The Amouranth Discord Server:

With over 49,000 active and participating members in the Amouranth Discord server, it is surely one of the biggest servers made and owned by a Twitch streamer. This Discord server by Amouranth includes text channels for any announcements, general talk, or animal crossing chat. It also holds an NSFW section where members can send in any images or texts that might be otherwise inappropriate. To join this Discord server, you can follow the steps below.

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How To Join The Amouranth Discord:

Joining Amouranth’s Discord server is extremely easy. All you need to do is scroll up and locate the Amouranth Discord server heading. Under that heading, you will find all the relevant information required before joining the server such as the member count, descriptions, and profile picture.

Now you can click on the “Join This Server” button which will redirect you to the Discord application. From there, you will need to press the “Join” button and you will be entered into the Discord server for Amouranth!

Please note that once you are on the server, you will first need to agree to the rules and get yourself roles by reacting to messages sent in the “rules and info” tab. After doing so, you are free to chat around and make link-minded friends!

Rules And Regulations:

If you are going to be joining this Discord server, there are some rules you will need to agree to when you enter the Amouranth Discord server. These rules are extremely easy to follow and fairly straightforward. Some of these include:

  • Respecting the moderators and the decisions they make.
  • Keeping all text and voice chats in the English language.
  • Respecting the privacy of each member on the server
  • No self-promotion.

If you are able to follow these rules, there will be little to no chances of you getting banned from the server. The moderation team is not that strict so they might let you slide for the first few times but please prevent any mishaps or toxicity in the server to stay in it for the long term.

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More About Amouranth:

After being born on December 2, 1993, in Houston Texas, Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa had always had a passion for video games and anime. So it was no surprise that she ended up streaming and joining the Twitch community herself because of her dreams of becoming a famous streamer.

When the opportunity to become a full-time streamer approached as the Covid-19 virus had everyone in lockdown, she took full advantage of it. Amouranth become one of the biggest streamers in the Hottub streaming category.

Although it was controversial at that time, that very trend of Hottub streamers combined with her hard work gave her a career.

She has also gotten banned on Twitch for several days because of these controversial streams but she kept resilient and made millions off of the people who wanted to watch that content on Twitch.

Now she has switched over to more relaxed content such as ASMR and even lifestyle vlogging. Furthermore, she has also appeared and starred on fellow streamers’ channels such as Mizkif, Lilypichu, and Pokimane.

With over 10,000 people watching her every time she goes live and 49,000+ members on her Discord server, Amouranth has definitely made her name in the American celebrity industry.