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Among us, after being released on June 15, 2018, initially had a very slow rise. They had nothing but a few thousand players a week. But, because of a perfect storm stirred up by Twitch, the streaming platform exploding, combined with the fact that everyone was at their homes, made this game famous.

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Now there are millions around the world who play the game every single day and enjoy it with their friends. This is where the problem of not having anyone to play comes in. Many people want to share a common interest of Among us with other like-minded people and these Discord servers for among us definitely help you make friends.

You can scroll below to view all of the Among us Discord servers that are popular as well as active as of today!

Among Us Discord Servers 2024:

Here is a list of the most active public Among Us Discord servers with their invite links:

English (USA + UK):

The English-speaking community is friendly and welcoming. Join them for a fun time!

Members: 302,374
Name: Among Us | Social • Emotes • Gaming

Among Us is a free to play murder mystery game. There are two roles: crewmate and imposter.

Members: 324,479
Name: Innersloth (Among Us)

Innersloth is one of the biggest Discord servers for Among Us with over 383k individuals from one side of the planet to the other.

Members: 346,372
Name: e-dgy | Social • Egirls • Memes

Dystopian cyberpunk server. Memes, misfits — incredibly active with up to 100,000 messages a day. Over 320,000 losers. Take the e-dgy pill — wake up!

Members: 242,128
Name: Among Us

We are the #1 most active and up-to-date Among Us Community! Come find out what makes us the best 🙂

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Members: 113,568
Name: Lounge | Social & Gaming LFG

#1 Looking For Group Server, with over 140k active players! We previously were an Among Us server only.

Members: 43,572
Name: Impostors LFG

What’s better than Among Us? Among Us with Redditors? As the official discord of Reddit’s r/Among Us.

Spanish (Spain):

The Spanish community is one of the largest when it comes to Among us. Join them for a fun time!

Members: 360,366
Name: Among Us – Español

¡Bienvenido/a a la comunidad MÁS GRANDE de Among Us en español! Aquí encontrarás gente con la que jugar, información, actualizaciones, etc.

Members: 100,568
Name: Comunidad ESP

Competencia por 💸40 dólares💸 comienza el 21 de octube del 2021

Dutch (Netherlands):

The Dutch community knows how to have fun and are some of the most active bunch. Join them for a fun time!

Members: 124,737
Name: Among Us – Deutsch

Du bist noch auf der Suche nach Informationen rund um Among Us oder hältst einfach nur Ausschau nach netten Mitspielern für ein paar Runden?

More About Among Us:

As we mentioned above, among us took off because a perfect storm hit it in the sense that due to the virus, everyone was quarantined and people were bored at home.

This was also about the time that game devs for Among Us were rapidly fixing the game through community feedback of any bugs found within the game.

The Twitch streamer Trainswreak was one of the first to bring attention to the game after which other streamers also started playing it with their friend groups. OfflineTV as well as OTK profited off of the fact that the game could hold 10 people at one time in a lobby.

This was also a part of the reason why among us got as big as it did. The 10-player lobbies meant there was more room for every friend group, no matter how big or small, to come together and experience the joy that Among Us brought.

However, there were also people who did not have any friends who enjoyed the game Among Us. These people were looking for a new home in order to enjoy the b beloved game with people who shared an interest in it. This is how the Among Us Discord servers came into being.

The Discord servers have been created by the community for the community and continue to house hundreds of thousands of people from around the world who play the game semi-daily.

If you are an Among Us player looking for a Discord server to call home, you can scroll up and find yours by reading the descriptions provided by the owners of said servers.

Rules Of The Among Us Discords:

There are certain rules you will need to abide by when joining the Discord servers for Among Us. All of the servers follow different rules so when entering the Discord, you will need to first read through them under the “General” or “Announcement” tab.

One general rule that all of these servers have in common is the no toxicity rule. Meaning you will have to be friendly and welcoming to everyone on the server, whether they are a newbie or a veteran.

Learn About The Playroom Discord

How To Join The Among Us Discord:

If you are ready to become a part of the amazing community surrounding Among Us and want to become a part of it, all you will need to know is to scroll up and go to the servers list.

Then read the descriptions of the servers you are interested in joining. These Discord descriptions will give you a quick overview of what that specific Discord server has to offer. These descriptions are provided by the moderators of the servers.

After having selected your Discord server for Among us you want to join, click the “Join This Server” button underneath it. This will redirect you to your Discord application or the official Discord website depending on your device.

Now you can just click “Join” once again and you should be on the server! Now enjoy your time there and make sure to be nice to everyone.